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Recorded in a span of 7 days in Charleston, South Carolina with Ryan Zimmerman. Here begins the set of 3 EPs over the course of a year leading up to the release of the first CALCULATOR full-length.


released July 14, 2010

Engineered by Ryan Zimmerman. Produced by CALCULATOR.



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Track Name: Romantic Organs
romantic organs drinkin' fireworks. and there's a thunderstorm rollin' out my mouth. and pretty people, they surround us. though it's not summertime, it feels like summertime, sometimes.

when a heart breaks (winter heartbreak)
you can't hear what you can't feel

in an airconditioned hell, all the music is exposes your blood, and the dialect speak stays slurred, yeah, it's like no life that i have died before.

while you're drinkin' on the front porch, i'll be burnin' in the thoughts i think. the world we though was a kaleidascope, turned out to be high school, again.

will i take it away?
this is a concept within a dream, this is a concept that is new to me.
i think i'll let it go.
and you.
Track Name: White Rhino
baby, you come around. i keep on making the same ol' sounds that i make. you said that i know. you said that i don't care, anymore.

in a mess of sheets. you ask me questions but i'm too tired to respond. what's there to see through, yeah what's there to question? anymore, like before, anymore.
Track Name: Hour Glass
ooh, baby come on. you got your roses drawn. your body is an hour glass and i am the salt coming down.

you're so sexy, don't act like you don't know.
you're so sexy, and if you didn't then now you know.

know i'm on your soul and you can feel mine, too. i could stare at you all day if you let me, darlin' let me, get next to you. you know i'm......................
Track Name: Night Trot
mama, i wanna quit my job. but you know, how will i support all my gracious habits? you've had it.

i wanna shoot my life and i know. fall like dominos. planes crash just like tv, i don't envy.

i should get up, but sometimes i just wanna sleep. i should clean, too. cuz this house is cramped but we're living free. who should bother? cuz livin' the dream makes me feel like i'm afraid... i'm afraid? i'm afraid.

baby, i do just what i want and it looks like it's worked so far, when will it end?

if i found out just what i want, wouldn't it want me too?
and it'd all make sense when i wake up and it's next to me and it's worked so far, when will it end?
and if it ends, when will it end?